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My ZEN calender said "Do Nothing and All Things Are Done." But this info blog was never updated, so I must ahve missed something, ha.

I've been busy working with University Of Central Oklahoma dance with accompaniment and video archiving of their shows. It's

really helped my rhythmic senses agian and I'm playing guitar and keyboards better. My musical explorations have paid off in that I now have many live

performance/recording matrixes built for recall. Some quite rhythmic and some extremely serene space. I promise to now try to freeze some of these for

your downloads or purchse. I'm still trying to figure out this new world of art for free which came through internet sharing. It was musc easier in the old days to

sell enough recordings to keep the career floating, but when "all for free digital download" hit the scene things changed. However, many of you have continued

to find me hiding here in Oklahoma and purchased the recordings that I am motivated agiain to freeze frame a few musical moments and offer them to you.

I'm working on a 5.1 surround dvd that seems to be interesting enough to share with everyone. I'm thinking maybe no visuals, which flies in the face of u-Tube etc.

But, it's about the music sometimes, right?? We can make up our own visuals...

I'll try to get a freebie download up here as a www connect for 3 days a month, so stay tuned.

Here's one to tide you over until nest month. It was done live as an exploration then I added a quick bit of vids and pics.


Thanks again for all your emails and support


Steve McLinn - ojas music