SEVEN LEVELS OF MAN - 43 minutes. Steve's first release. Using guitars, mandolin, gongs, harp, and synthesizers, the listener is taken on a journey through the seven levels of consciousness or chakras. Each piece starts with the sound of the chakra which develops into a musical theme derived from the aspects of that level. Side two is a beautiful piece with harp and synthesizers.

LOTUSSONGS VOLUME ONE - 60 minutes. Two beautiful and serene 30 minute pieces created with harp and synthesizers. Ocean waves, flowing harp, and subtle melodies peacefully interact. Good for meditation, massage, and relaxing.

LOTUSSONGS VOLUME TWO - 60 minutes. A wider variety of moods and tempo, yet all pieces flow together as one. Side one expresses the theme of awakening. Side two is a compilation of four pieces ranging from a light jazzy feel to very spacious and serene. Definitely one of Steve McLinn's best works, and recorded entirely on his "Ojas Synthesizer System."

REBIRTH - 60 minutes. Electronic and somewhat orchestral. It is very serene and is used for meditation, relaxation, massage, and sleep. It was originally recorded for a friend to use during her pregnancy and the birth of her child.

THE TRANCE TAPE or TRANCE CD - 60 minutes. Developed in collaboration with medical doctors and psychologists to be used to set up an ambient atmosphere for relaxation, guided imagery, hypnosis, and sleep and pain therapy. It has been used successfully in hospitals and clinics around the world for hypertension and other stress related disorders.

TRANCE TAPE #2 or TRANCE CD #2 - 60 minutes. Recorded one and one half years later than Trance Tape using similar techniques in composition, yet different in subtle ways allowing different levels of relaxation and deepening. The American Assoc. of Hypnotherapists call these tapes " the best in the world for hypnotherapy, period!" It has been successfully used to alleve hyperactivity, asthma, smoking, eating and other compulsive disorders.

OJAS LIVE-82 - 60 minutes. Recorded in concert during the 1982 U.S. Tour. A very popular tape which is rhythmic and contains vocals and insightful lyrics.

SONGS FROM THE HEART CAVE - 60 minutes. A selection of acoustic/electronic/vocal music performed with an entire enesmble. A beautiful collection of songs with an inspiring message.

FACES OF EVER - 60 minutes of very spacial and serene electronic music. It was created using a computer to store five seconds of sound played by synthesizer and then having this "sound loop" repeat and fade slowly as new sounds are added, creating a gradually transforming collage. Especially good for meditation, relaxation, and guided imagery.

LOVE NEVER SLEEPS - 60 minutes. Described below...

WHERE THE CIRCLE BEGINS - IT ENDS - 60 minutes. These two tapes are digitally recorded compilations of music recorded for professional dance and theater companies. The music displays a full spectrum of emotion and is enjoyable by both children and adults. McLinn's mastery of the electronic studio is apparent on these tapes, and the beauty and power of the compositions stands out well over the incredible effects. This music will move you to dance, to dream, to travel through the imagination to worlds of wonder and magic. Dedicated to the dancing child in all of us!

LIVE OJAS - 90 minutes (cassette only) of music digitally recorded in concert. The applause has been edited so the tape is studio quality. This highlights McLinn's scope as a composer and performer of contemporary electronic music. His study of world music is evident in the rhythms and sounds. His use of the wind controller brings a wonderfully personal and organic quality to the electronics. It's experimental, visual, strongly melodic, and defies todays musical categories.

OJAS COLLECTIONS #1 CD - 74 Minutes of the most recent music recorded for dance, theater and creative exploration. A variety of themes ranging from serene to rhythmically hypnotic. Some are melodic modern jazz with essence and styles from a variety of cultures, including Native American music with Plains Indian flute and percussion. There are hand drums and a variety of instruments from the Middle East, India, and Africa mixed with modern electronics. A beautiful and powerful world music.

OJAS - FROM THIS RED EARTH - 62 minute CD of music recorded with Native American thematic and instrumentally traditional roots. It has eclectic mixes of other culturally specific instrumentation and styles such as Asian, African and Middle Eastern percussion, but keeps true to the Native American center. There is a great deal of Native American flute. These pieces were recorded over a ten year period for modern and Native American dance companies. They have been performed by dance companies on tours around the world. This is a powerful CD with many instrumental and vocal samples from a variety of tribal musicians and singers. It is orchestral in depth.

Recordings available by mail from Ojas Music, P.O.Box 8551, Edmond, OK 73083. (405) 844-0242. Each tape or CD is $15.00. All recordings are now available on cassette or CD, unless marked.

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