Steve McLinn has been a professional musician for over thirty-three years. He began musical training on clarinet and woodwinds, and in junior high school added acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and electric bass guitar. In high school he began professional work in various rock and jazz groups. In 1976, he graduated from Central State University with a B.A. degree in psychology. He was a social worker for seven years while developing his musical direction and style.

In 1976, McLinn became interested in electronic music and purchased his first synthesizers. By 1978, he had constructed the Ojas Recording Studio, built around an array of electronic instruments, created his own recording label "Ojas Music," and released his first recording "Seven Levels Of Man." He now has fifteen recordings released which have sold over 100,000 copies. He has a state of the art recording facility where he produces, records and masters music for release on CD, video and cassette for himself and other varied artists.

Steve McLinn's music is a unique blend of many styles: from classical to pop, rock, ethnic, jazz, and experimental. Several of his recordings have been used regularly in hospitals and clinics for stress and pain therapy. He has composed and recorded scores for TV, film and numerous dance/ theater companies such as Polish mime artist Branislaw Machalski (Miko), Oklahoma based dance/theater companies "Theater Upon A StarDanceSwan,” “Prairie Dance Theater,” “Kambour Dance Theater,” the “UCO Kaleidoscope Dancers,” “Oklahoma Children’s Theater,” “Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park,” the “Great American Indian Dancers,” and “Livingston Dance,” based in L.A.

He has performed his music in concerts across the United States and in Europe, and teaches music animation, video/dvd production and creative process as an artist in residence in schools, universities, and other institutions.

McLinn has developed an elaborate interfaced system of computers and synthesizers allowing him the ability to perform live spontaneous music as a soloist or with groups. He accompanies the music at times with ancient acoustic instruments such as African or Middle Eastern percussion or flutes from around the world. He controls his electronics at time with unusual controllers such as wind-controllers, electronic drum controllers, or midi guitars, which allow more intricate and creative control. He also uses standard electric and acoustic guitars and basses and vocals when needed.

McLinn states that the inspiration for his music comes from his own perceptions of the world around him. The music is a vehicle for focusing awareness on the human condition with all its perplexities and aspirations, and the beauty and power found in nature. The word "Ojas" means the purest form of life energy. He states, "One day, as the machines in my studio played the music I had programmed into them, it became clear that the energy that was flowing through the computers and synthesizers as they manifested the music was the same in many ways as that flowing through my own mind as I composed the music. I named my work 'Ojas' from this realization to remind me of the oneness of spirit or energy flowing through all the performers, machines or instruments, and audience. This way I'm reminded of the sacredness of art and life."

Steve McLinn is a member of the Oklahoma City Arts Council’s Special Populations &After School Program where he offers instruction for all ages on the science, history and psychology of music, and the creative possibilities and process of composing, performing, recording and video production in the modern day. He also performs concerts and gives workshops and lectures through the MAAA Heartland Arts Fund Program.